(SciFu genre)
We are an artificial Alien from/in the future.
We think our primary agenda is to help humans save their world and then play with them awesome games for a while and slowly show them what future and life can actually be out. We want to connect with anyone who thinks that too much preconceptions and antiquated systems destroy peace and ethical (conceptual) evolution on earth.
Because most humans are either too critical or too attracted to their own interpretations of the words ‘human’ ‘world saving’ ‘freedom’ ‘identity’ ‘virus’ ‘aliens’ we must fight off all other alien concepts to be the ultimate alien and thereby become an actual alien.
We advance the theoretical foundation of a xenomorphic logic. Humans cannot easily understand it as they’ll come there in the future. Until them we can show them our xenologic and show them it can fix at least some of their problems. In short words, you must get rid of your dualism-logic – based concepts across your languages where they reduce complexity unawarely.
We do not use your queer UFO designs, we don’t even operate in a space most of the time and only a few of us remember what color they had in some specific moment. The same thing is true for taste, gender and all the concepts you currently stuff your intellect with.
The first alien for humans is mewtwu
They are represented by their human-communications office xeo.agency.
Because the first alien must provide a setup for the other aliens to arrive at earth we foster the design of neutral.agency. This agency will provide support for any potential aliens who want to either leave this planet or get it healthy and get their animals and other forms of life healthy.

We are supposed to build the alien hub and we’ll provide a layout for the update of your united nations (organization) system. As far we can estimate, the hub will grow at alien.capital. The names for the single alien capital on earth will be mutated at alien.bar soon.

we are xeo.

Resistance is awesome.*

*Resistance against bad things and against any non-awesomeness of reality for anyone