We want to build a neutral system. The domain-name neutral is intended to become part of the literal internet agenda. We want to make a system that cannot be corrupted and that cannot link to harmful or inappropriate media. How can that be done without censoring? It’s easy. We gamify.

Right know there is interpol and other legal institutions that try to fight illegal media. The realization that AI can be a big help is put in shadow by the dangers it poses. In arbitrary realistic artificial renders, how can actual victims be identified? The only means to do so is by physical trace. Privacy? Privacy is only required if you do not trust those who manage your data. Who yo you trust to manage your data? What are you afraid to share? For those who engage in encryption, fear is not a central motivator. And ignorance is not the reason for other people to avoid caring for their privacy. It’s the education about consequences that make a difference. Are you okay being used from a corporation? But this is just a small question. The actual question is, would we trust somebody who does not get money from anything they do with our data?

propose to produce an environment / interface at that will allow anyone to be rewarded a means of identification with choice of name, cultural self-position and cultural image.

(Side branch bidirectional identification – representation of cultural work and non-monetary prom/prio/pref)

Neutral Vote

Requires a system that can be voted for / voted in. Hence to function as root orientation for architecture build. will serve as best-practice, DIY, open und emergency system.