[The world Masterplan Development is still under development]

|We are working on the most neutral formulation of a masterplan to literally ‘save the world’, including the process of finding-out what people understand (and want to see represented) by this term. We think many people want to make the world a better place, we want to link and optimize all such attempts.

We motivate this research by the assumption, that already a logically well-defined attempt to research ‘world saving’ will advance our intercultural understanding of the term. Its associated concepts are vast and complex and we intend to investigate new perspectives on the issue in order to understand whether world saving is impossible or not. We want to accelerate this research process while maintaining openness and traceability.

We argue that official entities such as the United Nations Organization use fundamentally inefficient systems to play their role as a inter-human management-system. The intentions of protection of life and and an intelligent understanding of human rights calls for time critical decision making capacity. We think this requires a clear approach of humans to understand themselves not as systems, identity classes, value goods or infiltrators of personal ideology but as complex life with complex potentials and experiences. Life that has a history and can build the most stable foundation on the outlook – that not companies, not ideologies, not nations, not objects nor currency values secure and protect our future. The only thing humanity can rely on is itself. And this requires an active and participatory growth, initialization and fostering of the concept – that a human future will be a peaceful coexistence-centered self-understanding for everyone. It will not be socialism, capitalism, current democracy, anarchistic or be comparable to current degrees of freedom. The advancement of a freedom and humanism research must be rooted and fixed as a community of diversity. The space on earth and the space of the universe mark only one axis in a complex geometry that we call reality. To allow anyone to find their place in reality (identity, body, present) will inherently help them to find their place on earth.

XERO simplex overview:

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Audio representation is still w.i.p as dev has hardware limits

Virtual Philosophy

To gather all fragments of honest, creative and smart intentions to make earth a better place for life we must associate the diversity of approaches and diversity of strategies, values and preferences in not before seen ways.

We don’t know the type and properties of the system we need to find in order to make an interconnection of conscious life (- and not only connections of intentions, priorities, preferences and a design of referring to profit, promotion, truth as some necessary aspect to be referred to).

We know that we need to build it nevertheless because we need a decision that saves life and protects the future of life on earth in this very moment – better then in the moment of now.

We must become aware that only interconnection towards One human civilization with one future, one past and an infinite amount of present lifes is capable to save the world. Each struggling and coping with their own complexity of life and all of them struggling with the arrangement and architecture for their coexistence. Decision-making is never comparable with computational calculation. Humans are not machines, they are not supposed to be used as machines and they are not supposed to be introduced into a culture that teaches them to look at themselves as machines.

Each living being carries the potential and complexity of entire worlds within them. As humans cannot save the world, we think we must save all the words.

Intelligent systems must be at least self-actualizing, self-regulating and self-referencing (we came to this conclusion through our research at interlink and a short outline of the KEA principle at This is the result of my personal complexity research and I want to use a resulting ‘system-architecture design’ – model to provide a possible candidate for future government, creativity (fostering educatory&educational environments) and research systems. Its not intended to be enforced by any means – I just make the claim that this is a system modelling technique which will be better then the current. It uses LMR as fundamental meta-category ordering structure. This trimodal logic prevents that Life or informative relevance can undergo significant manipulation, as all values have to be satisfied in the polyparametric boundaries to stay an element of the system.

To prove that, it must be made into prototypes and experiments. That would suggest a prioritization of a specific model and neutrality would disappear. We hence state in awareness that our system is not neutral but that it can be developed with inherent neutrality approximation due to kea convergence. If implementations are run, along their development process and usage information can be gathered how neutrality can be advanced in future system models. Such models are approximated through metamodel systems to prepare for findings of research to know what to measure. As the initiator of this owns a lot ‘neutral’ domains (like, no whoisguard) they claim to be a good starting identity for this complex (re-)formation process.

We hence call for support of the development of a high priority letter to the united nations, each country, every company on earth and every digital community. This letter is supposed to communicate the thinktank-startup-project-NGO-theory-game-utopy- dream we try to predict / provoke with masterplan. We use a placeholder theory for our entire masterplan. Until better systems are found, placeholder will connect elements that are important for this position of the system (that will be required for a working masterplan – and a working masterplan development). With the letter we will ask for feedback by the united nations organization 28/8/2020. I intend to make this letter a statement that united nations has to mean and reflect united minimum living conditions and life quality independent of and nationality and identity as no living being chooses their nation, body, gender-concept, social role or socialization process. Our very systems foster identities that use competitive and ignorant decision making, as the personal motive – release of dopamine – is not anticipated by an the management system. Only the interaction of culture and individual can promote a healthy human future and this implies an aware system architecture that understands humans as complex and free beings that are only forced into criminality if their culture does not allow them a place to be and exist with their very individual self and experience support and help in case their self deviates or struggles with society/culture/dopamine (approval, validation, drugs, success, money and attention among others).

  • up layer (background)

As we (culture) face an increasing complexity in human civilizatory-management, we (masterplan) want to identify entire new approaches to act time-critical to individual and highly complex issues. We locally optimize the name of such strategy as ‘multidomain-peacekeeping’. Not only countering the multidomain-warfare concept but expanding it by an entire language that is capable to communicate multidomain (actions, intentions, strategies, ecology, economics, games, ..) consistent and efficient while enabling sustainability, fairness, emergency response capability, correctness, diversity and joy. We will release explanations whenever here is a page /multidomain or a clickable link to their system. (please be aware that everything here was written by only one individual until now – 24.03.2020 14:14 (I had to build a lot pages and went for a walk, sorry). I nevertheless use the word ‘We’ across all my domains because I want this plan and any content / art / theory I provide to be open. Hence this intends to be your plan (and currently it fails horribly at it because its only spam by xeo). But I need myself and all my ideas to be part of whatever will save the world – I didn’t know whether anybody else started a zero, I think it does not work (there was a zero foundation/ org system). We must start with a different logic, that’s why currently the content is mixed up with my sci-fu thoughts. I want the release at 4/4/2020 to become a place for Your friends and Your plan and the spark for your initiative. Corona gives us Quarantine, let’s use that to change everything before the next corona (or this future corona) kills more life. Your dreams and your path need a voice, wherever and whoever you are or want to be. We need to foster new dreams for you and for others. Im just the one who introduces all of them to each other and hence I ask you to enable me to dream myself into existence (be what I’d like to be which I was never able to communicate until this prerealease)

Micro-reduction of the masterplan (feb.2020)

We (xeo) entertain this research about world-saving with the seriousness of actual emergency response operations. Because as we (xeo) think – if there can be a masterplan that helps humans to manage their global culture so that it is more save to live on earth – any delay to apply (or research) it, is a violation of any updated human rights declaration and any type of human-compatible logic.

We want a more intelligent currency then money and would hence like to pass over the control of all neutral domains to those who can responsibly manage their respective future.

Currently we propose to purchase and (together around 6000€) to make the two pages show what they are supposed to show as soon as possible – that they are not two but one fundamentally important and urgent website that will spark a reconfiguration of internet and government management systems.

We (xeo) want to trigger experiments that investigate practical realizations of an unconditional right on the fulfillment of the human rights for any living being. The ethical implications of the seriousness of this task requires qualification means and legal validation as well as access to diverse resources and operations.

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About the current developer

Current source page is Im not good at project management (maybe I am but because I try to manage more then 120 active domains its difficult to say). The interlink project is the connector model for all my ideas and is also intended to serve the preparation and development of the development and its release (e.g. through Interlink is not officially published as it needs a lot of refinement. The concept results from one year of optimization of the theory behind interlink (ini and LMR) towards a modelling architecture (based on physics engine ‘kea’) with exciting properties (TIDE). It will allow a new type of communication between parameters and art (tech and us). As language for this environment I want to develop Quoeto. It is the result of the research on the CliYuGa concept-language which splits into organic code language CliYuGo and personal mnemonic assistant language CliYuGe, bundled through morphology concepts. A first impression of the languages architectures will be outlined on soon.

Right now this specific world saving approach is mostly depending on support for author. Please check the dream domain of the

Further info will be rendered at and a preview is at future engineer.

Also, I own the domain and I want that the domain will say that there is no more worldwar possible on earth and it will provide a link to and this domain will state :

Yes, humans won the worldwar.

Humans won the war against a world in which war was at all possible.

All of the concepts behind this page and all other pages that connect to it are work in progress and sometimes gamified author concept (xeo) is difficult to evaluate.